The Maine Trust for People with Disabilities (known as “MTPD”) is sponsored by the Maine Trust for People with Disabilities, Inc., which is a Maine nonprofit corporation recognized as a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The MTPD is Maine’s only pooled special needs trust that has been established in compliance with federal law to give Maine residents a convenient and economical way to open a trust account for a family member who has a disability. Individuals who are residents of Maine and who are diagnosed with a developmental disability or a traumatic brain injury can qualify to be beneficiaries of the MTPD.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of individual Mainers who have developmental, intellectual or cognitive disabilities by offering an economical special needs trust arrangement to hold assets that provide for the supplemental support of the individual without negatively affecting the individual’s eligibility for public benefits.

Board of Advisors

Manages the daily operations of the MTPD. The members of the board are appointed by the sponsoring nonprofit corporations and are drawn from a wide range of professions and familiar interested in assisting individuals with disabilities.

James A. Houle
Bernstein Shur
Portland, Maine

Timothy P. Agnew
Masthead Venture Partners
Portland, Maine


Kate L. Geoffrey, Esq.
Nelson-Reade Law Offices
Portland, Maine

Richard Brown
Charlotte White Center
Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

Peter Brown
Portland, Maine

Thomas Davis
Skills Inc.
St. Albans, Maine

Susan Percy
New Gloucester, Maine

James Pierce
Brunswick, Maine

Jane Skelton, Esq.
Maine Elder Law Firm
Bangor, Maine


Norway Savings Bank
Portland, Maine

Supporting Members

Individuals, social service agencies and other parties who wish to become supporting members of the MTPD should complete the information on our contact page to let the MPTD know of your intention to provide support. Supporters who donate at least $500 per year to the MTPD may request that the MTPD website include your name and a link to your organization. Donations to the MTPD may qualify as tax deductible gifts to a 501(c)(3) charity.